“I Hate My iPad” op Slate.com

Een grappig [b]Slate.com[/b] 2-pagina-artikel : [url=http://www.slate.com/id/2285434/]I Hate My iPad – Can my tablet-loving Slate colleagues convince me I didn’t just waste $600?[/url] .

[quote]I admit that I bought my iPad for the wrong reasons. I got one because it seemed like everyone I knew had gotten one for Christmas and, well, I felt left out.[/quote]
[quote]When it comes to reading books, I prefer my Kindle—its e-ink technology offers a break from the brightly lit screens I stare at all day, it’s light in my hands, and its single purpose means I’m less likely to be distracted by a droll tweet from [url=http://twitter.com/#!/pourmecoffee]@pourmecoffee[/url].[/quote]
[quote]It was reassuring to learn that several of my colleagues are actually quite ambivalent about the device, and I appreciated the tips from the more enthusiastic fans. I wish I could say they converted me, but they did not. I downloaded Angry Birds HD, and while it is undeniably more fun than the small-screen version, June was right—it only led to me wasting more hours of my life on that insidious game.[/quote]
[quote][i]My [b]Slate[/b] colleagues failed to convince me of the iPad’s utility. Can you tell me what I’m missing? Post your spirited defenses of the device in the comments. Or join forces with me and denounce the tablet as a waste of time and money.[/i][/quote]