“Is there a way to make a living on $1 books?”

Een interessant artikel op [b]ireaderreview[/b] met enkele doorgerekende scenario’s : [url=http://ireaderreview.com/2011/01/30/is-there-a-way-to-make-a-living-on-1-books/]Is there a way to make a living on $1 books?[/url]

De struktuur van het artikel :

[i][u]Is it going to become vital to price books at $1 and $5 to be in the Top 100?
Can authors survive on $5 books?
Can indie authors survive on $1 books?
Scenario 1: The solitary $1 indie book
Scenario 2: The $1 left with the $3 right
The problem of the one-off super winner
Is there a way to make a living on $1 books?[/i][/u]

De konklusie is :
[quote]We end up with a rather interesting answer to our question –

[i]Yes, there are a few ways to make a living on $1 books.[/i][/quote]
Waarna een opsomming van 4 mogelijke scenario’s volgt .

Maar ook :
[quote]Please do keep in mind that it’s only the top 0.1% of authors selling their books for $1 that will be able to live off of book sales. Also, you’ll have to be prepared for the time when Lisa Gardner isn’t the only top author selling her books at $1, and when 90% of indie authors realize that they must come in at $1 to have any chance.[/quote]