“just reading it for the articles”

Een artikel op [b]TeleRead[/b] , voor wie altijd al zo geïnteresseerd was in de artikels van de Playboy, en ze nu op zijn ereader wil lezen : [url=http://www.teleread.com/ebooks/playboy-releases-56-year-archive-on-usb-hard-drive/]Playboy releases 56-year archive on USB hard-drive[/url] .

Met als voordeel :
[quote]The page points to the benefits of being able to search through all 56 years of articles using e-magazine software from Bondi Digital Publishing, (…)[/quote]
en het meer realistische :
[quote]the old cliché of “just reading it for the articles” has truth behind it, though the often-excellent journalism and fiction (including some James Bond stories by Ian Fleming) were usually eclipsed by the more prominent pin-up elements.[/quote]