“The biggest ebook issue: quality”

Gevonden op [b]TeleRead.com[/b] een artikel over de kwaliteit van ebooks : [url=http://www.teleread.com/paul-biba/the-biggest-ebook-issue-quality/]The biggest ebook issue: quality[/url] .

[quote]Stuck at home for a snow day, I’ve been snuggling up with my ebook reader, and have to my dismay found the experience less than satisfying. (…) I opened four purchased books up on my ebook reader, and all four of them were riddled with mistakes.[/quote]
[quote]I hope someone from Kobo is reading this. I hope they can clarify, for our numerous Teleread readers, just what their protocol is when they take your money and sell you an inferior product. And I hope that publishers take heed that customers like me, who buy often, are going to buy LESS often unless these matters can be easily solved.[/quote]
Het betreft waarschijnlijk 4 bij Kobo gekochte boeken . Misschien dat andere ebook-leveranciers hier ook last vast hebben .
Tot nu toe heb ik bij het beperkte aantal bij Amazon gekochte Kindle ebooks [b]nog[/b] geen probleem ontdekt ([i]fingers crossed[/i]) .

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