“The iPad 2 and the e-reader app situation”

Op [b]A Kindle World blog[/b] , een samenvattend artikel van [b]Andrys Basten[/b] over de nieuwe iPad2 en de ereader apps : [url=http://kindleworld.blogspot.com/2011/03/ipad-2-and-e-reader-app-situation.html]The iPad 2 and the e-reader app situation[/url] .

Met als konklusie :
[quote]In any case, those who prize the e-reader capabilities available today will be waiting for further developments before dropping money automatically for Apple’s latest edition of the iPad.

Already, although Android apps are not plentiful yet, the Xoom WILL support Adobe Flash, will have true multi-tasking (apps actually running in the background rather than suspended, and their activity showing in a window), have a USB port and an SD slot and, most important for book readers, will run the various e-reader apps.[/quote]
En ook de [i]comments[/i] zijn het lezen waard.

De konklusie van het kommentaar van [b]Michael W. Perry[/b] :
[quote]Which of the three scenarios is the most important? I’m not sure. But the situation has changed my POV. As a publisher, I could benefit from an iPad that’d show me how my ebooks actually look on all the major platforms. But it makes no sense to get one while Apple is creating fear and confusion about whether the Kindle app will still be on an iPad after July. It makes more sense to get a Kindle 3 and make sure my ebooks look good on the largest platform and let the version in iBooks look however Smashwords automated conversion utilities make it look.

Chad Skelton is right. Apple has managed to turn one of the key advantages of the iPad as a reader into potentially one of its chief liabilities. If serious readers are forced to make a choice, most will opt for Kindles and Amazon (at one third the price) over iPads that only offer the iBookstore.[/quote]