“Will Apple censor e-books?”

Een interessant artikel op [b]TeleRead[/b] : [url=http://www.teleread.com/ebooks/will-apple-censor-e-books/]Will Apple censor e-books?[/url] .

Verontrustend :
[quote]Apple did, after all, [url=http://www.teleread.com/ebooks/apples-expulsion-of-mature-apps-the-e-book-angle/]pull a lot of “un-family-friendly” apps[/url] and appbooks from its store a while back.[/quote]
Enigszins gerustellend :
[quote]Of course, so far Apple’s iBooks store is still running considerably behind Amazon’s in terms of book sales—not too surprising given that Amazon has the advantage of multiple platforms while Apple is limited to its own. So any censorship on Apple’s part would have less impact than anything Amazon could do.[/quote]
Als Amazon het ooit zou wagen dezelfde mate van [i]censuur[/i] toe te passen zoals Apple dat doet , dan zou ik het Amazon ebook-platform [i]direkt[/i] verlaten .