aanklacht tegen internet-piraterij

Via een artikel op [url=http://www.teleread.com/copy-right/the-real-victms-of-online-piracy/]TeleRead.com[/url] , een verwijzing naar een [i]alarmerend[/i] artikel van Colleen Doran tegen internet-piraterij, op [b]TheHill.com[/b] : [url=http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/politics/129741-the-qrealq-victims-of-online-piracy]The ”real” victims of online piracy[/url] .

Enkele citaten:

[quote]Readers assume they are only nickel and diming rich corporations with their bit torrent naughtiness, but I am a middle class artist and farmer for whom a few thousand dollars a year in lost income means I can’t afford health insurance.[/quote]
[quote]Creators and publishers can’t compete with free and the frightening reality is that even free isn’t good enough.[/quote]
[quote]Everyone gets paid – manufacturers of computers, iPads, electricity, bandwidth – everyone except the creators of content.[/quote]
En als laatste [i]hartenkreet[/i] :
[quote]Here’s hoping the next step in combating the lack of respect for copyright includes an initiative to instill some respect for the people who create content. Real human beings live behind that work.[/quote]