Amazon verkoopt meer ebooks dan paperbacks

Gevonden op [b]Beyond Black Friday[/b] het artikel : [url=]Are eBooks Finally Outselling Printed Books?[/url]

In juli 2010 al meer ebooks dan [b]hardcovers[/b] :
[quote]Amazon had announced last July that they were selling more ebooks than hardcovers.[/quote]
In januari 2011 meer ebooks dan [b]paperbacks[/b] :
[quote]In fact, Amazon explained today that for every 100 paperback books they’ve sold this January, they’re selling 115 ebooks.[/quote]
Waarschijnlijk binnenkort meer ebooks dan [b]all print books combined[/b] :
[quote]Of course, that still means that Amazon is selling fewer ebooks than they are printed books — if you combine the paperback and hardcover sales. But ebooks now represent more than 45% of all the books that Amazon is selling. If ebooks can just increase their share by 5%, Amazon will finally be able to announce that they’re selling more ebooks than all print books combined.[/quote]
En Amazon heeft eerlijk geteld :
[quote]But Amazon’s figures are even more impressive when you realize that not every printed book has an ebook edition yet. And to achieve this milestone, Amazon didn’t even count any of the free ebooks that people are downloading, which is presumably an enormous number.[/quote]