Booker Prize juryleden krijgen een Kindle

Een interessant artikel op [b]A Kindle World blog[/b] : [url=](…) Booker Prize Judges to use Kindles.[/url] .

[quote]It always amazes me how little faith many who are wary of the trend toward digital editions have in the WORDS of the author. The distractions of a nice cover, the type of paper, and the smell of ink seem to take on more importance for them than what the author was thinking and hoped to convey while writing the book.[/quote]

Er wordt doorverwezen naar een artikel op [b]The Independent[/b] : [url=]E-book prize: A new chapter or a damaging novelty?[/url] .

Met de ondertitel : [b]The Booker judges are assessing this year’s entries on e-readers – but that may mean losing a little literary magic, says Arifa Akbar[/b]

Die ondertitel is veelzeggend , want uit het artikel blijkt duidelijk dat ereaders ook in Amerika lang niet door iedereen [i]zomaar[/i] geaksepteerd worden :

[quote]Trewin insists that, on a more general level beyond Booker judging, it is not a case of the new replacing the old: “Reading on a Kindle is a different sort of reading. If you have a book printed on paper, there’s a texture aspect as well. I have always said that the Kindle is not going to replace the book.”

His point about the look and feel of the book impacting on the reading experience is an important one. There is a romance in the book that an e-read will never acquire. Some feel that breaking the spines of new books, alphabetising them on shelves and enjoying the aesthetics of the cover are central to their love of reading. Indeed, next week, a BBC4 programme, The Beauty of Books, will examine the allure of books as precious, treasured artefacts.[/quote]