De noodzaak van de Kindle Color

Een aardig artikel op [b][/b] waarom Amazon volgens de auteur met een Kindle Color [i]moet[/i] komen : [url=]Kindle Color – How soon will Amazon release Kindle Color?[/url] .

Interessante waarneming :
[quote]There are signs it might have one in the works. There are hires, such as today’s hire of Jon Rubenstein (head of the team that released iPod, former Palm CEO), that show Amazon might be working on a Kindle Color.

It can’t come soon enough.[/quote]
En waarschuwend :
[quote]A February 2011 release of a Kindle Color would make sense. It’s possible Amazon won’t have anything ready by then. With every month that passes after February 2011, Amazon is reducing its chances of catching up with Nook Color.[/quote]