Een grappige analyse van de hoge US eboek-prijs

Op [b]ireaderreview[/b] , een nogal grappige analyse waarom uitgevers in de US de prijs van ebooks zo hoog houden : [url=]What are Publishers trying – Sabotage? Suicide? De-Revolution?[/url]

Met als opening :
[quote]Now that the Kindle and the Nook Color have proven the viability of eReaders and Reading Tablets, now that ebooks have eaten up 10% of the market – you would think Publishers would start treating ebooks seriously.

No. They continue to behave like a drunken man on a ship in the midst of a storm.[/quote]
Vervolgens de paragrafen :

[b]Things that make you wonder exactly what Publishers are thinking
Are Publishers being greedy?
Could this be an attempt to sabotage ebooks?
Are Publishers trying to commit suicide?
Is this an attempt to kill off the reader revolution?
What part of ‘Readers decide everything now’ do Publishers not get?[/b]

En tenslotte de afsluiting :
[quote]There’s not a single data point from the last two years that suggests readers are gullible or sheep or stupid or impressionable or lack power. Why then do Publishers continue to do everything possible to upset readers? Readers are willing to pay $10 for a good new release – even though $10 for a book that you can’t lend or sell is a bit much. Yet, that isn’t enough for Publishers. They want $15. Next month, they’ll want $20.

It’s just inexplicable. Publishers keep making moves that make zero sense. Perhaps that’s the grand master plan – to confuse readers so much they just give up.[/quote]