Eerste firmware update voor iRex DR 1000 beschikbaar

iRex Technologies heeft de eerste firmware update (v 1.01) voor de Digital Reader 1000 series online gezet. Onder andere de opstarttijd, de Mobipocket zoekfunctie (voor woordenboeken) en het geheugen voor de laatst gelezen pagina zijn aangepakt. Hieronder meer informatie over deze update en over de update procedure.

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DR1000 Software Release
2008 October 20
iRex DR1000 Release Notes
Software Version 1.01

What’s new in software release 1.01
This software release 1.01 is part of an ongoing process to improve the performance of the iRex Digital Reader 1000 series.
This release will solve a number of issues that were discovered in the v1.0 software.

• Mobipocket Dictionary Lookup now working as intended.
Dictionaries will be detected in the ‘System/Dictionaries’ folder and for compatibility with Mobipocket Desktop Reader, in the ‘eBooks’ folder if it exists.
• Last read page and zoom factor now saved correctly.
• Improved boot time by storing font-cache on internal Flash memory.
• Issue solved that a crash during boot may cause the reader not to complete booting

Download and installation instructions for software release 1.01

Automatic Update using Windows Companion Software
If you use the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Updater will download and store the firmware on your SD card automatically.

Please follow these steps:
1. Connect the device (switched on) to your PC and choose [Yes] on the “Now Charging…” message to export the SD card to your PC.
2. The Companion Software will start automatically, or can alternatively be started by Opening “My Computer” and double-clicking the “iRexDR1000” disk.
3. The Companion Software will detect the new firmware and ask you to download it. Choose [Yes].
4. After successful download, close the Companion Software and choose “Safely Remove Hardware”.
5. On the device the update procedure will start automatically; your device will reboot to install the new firmware and reboot again after successful completion.
6. You can verify the new firmware version in Settings > About.

Manual Download and Install for all operating systems
You will have to manually download and extract the firmware update onto your SD card.
Please follow these steps:
1. Download
2. Extract/copy the contents of this file to the root of your SD card (either while connected via USB, or by putting the SD card into your PC’s card reader).
Make sure that the System folder in the ZIP is extracted to the root of the card, creating a folder called ‘update’ inside your current System folder on the SD card.
3. Put the SD card into your device or disconnect the USB cable.
4. The device will detect the new firmware and ask to install it. Choose [Yes]. *
5. The update procedure will start and automatically complete, your device will reboot with the new firmware.
6. You can verify the new firmware version in Settings > About.

* If you choose [No], the firmware will still be installed when you next reset or cold-boot the device. If you want to cancel firmware installation, you should remove the System/update folder from the SD card.