EPUB 3 ‘ebook linking’ : oplossing voor Apple beleid ?

Gevonden op [b]TeleRead[/b] : [url=http://www.teleread.com/paul-biba/how-apple-may-inadvertently-boost-ebook-linking-by-eric-hellman/]How Apple may inadvertently boost ebook linking, by Eric Hellman[/url] .

De mogelijke oplossing :
[quote]Since EPUB3 is based on HTML5, all the outbound linking that you would expect from a web page is already built into EPUB3 (as well as earlier versions of EPUB).
So it’s clear to me, at least, that even if ebook reader apps can’t have “Kindle Store” buttons, the apps will be able to present “Kindle Store” links [i]inside[/i] the ebook content. I’ll bet you anything that Amazon is loading up ebook content with Kindle Store links: “If you like this book, perhaps you’d like this one”. They’ll even have specialized shop-books containing Kindle store links available for free. Ditto the others.[/quote]
Echter :
[quote]There’s still a lot of apparatus that will need to be built, both inside and outside of EPUB, for linking to work the way it should.[/quote]
Maar toch hoopvol :
[quote]A true ebook linking solution would need to include Amazon, of course, and since they’ve not been using EPUB, it seems to me that ebook linking won’t get done by the EPUB group itself. Amazon hasn’t had much use for EPUB in the past, but now Apple may have handed the ebook technology community a giant use case for interoperable ebook linking.[/quote]