Firmware 1.6 beschikbaar

iRex heeft een nieuwe firmware versie 1.6 beschikbaar gemaakt voor de DR1000S.

Uit de release notes:

• Improved standby mode
The sleep mode has been replaced with an unobtrusive Standby Mode. The system will no longer show ‘zZz’ and wake-up instantly

• Improved battery life
10% longer battery life

• PressReader V2
PressReader V2 for the iRex DR 1000 introduces enhanced navigation features including easy-to-read text views, article hyperlinks, and interactive tables of content

• PDF documents now open faster

• Improved on-screen keyboard
The on-screen keyboard will now provide faster feedback

• Disabled automatic scribble
When opening a WritePad template, the Pencil does not turn on automatically

• Disabled blinking LED
The Main LED will no longer blink while the device is idle

• Bug fixes
• Fixed bug where the device would not wake-up with stylus tap
• Various small bug-fixes

Op de site van iRex staat meer info en downloadinstructies: