Firmware update 2.1 (Cybook Opus/Gen3)

Zojuist heeft Bookeen bekend gemaakt dat er twee nieuwe firmwares gereed zijn, v2.1 (ePub) en v1.6 (Mobipocket). Hieronder staan de belangrijkste kenmerken van de 2.1 firmware:

Instant Reading
 Cybook can be switched on/off in 1 second, keeping last read page open.
 Note 1: works on all 400 MHz Cybooks (Gen3 v3, Gen3 – Gold Edition and all Opus’).
 Note 2: in this mode, device is actually in deep-sleep mode (very low power consumption).

 “Shutdown” option now available from “Advanced…” menu.
 On 400 MHz Cybooks, one can press the power off button for 2 seconds.
 On 200 MHz Cybooks, power off button behaves as usual.
 Note: when shut down, Cybook will display a blank screen with a “switched-off” icon.

9 new user interface languages for a total of 23 languages
 New: Danish, Croatian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Chinese simplified & Chinese

 User interface is now available in a total of 23 languages: Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish,
Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,
Swedish, Turkish, Slovak, Slovenian, Chinese simplified & Chinese traditional.
 Note: to be able to select a Chinese user interface, a Chinese font must be present in the “Fonts” directory.
Chinese/Japanese/Korean and other international content in “Library”

 Support for Chinese, Japanese & Korean (CJK) file names and metadata.

 Non Latin/Greek/Cyrillic text will automatically be rendered using another user supplied font (“Fonts”
 Note: works for all left-to-right languages.
Accelerometer shortcut (Cybook Opus)
Accelerometer can be enabled/disabled with “Menu” + “Enter” shortcut.

Side buttons (Cybook Opus)
Side buttons can be flipped (“Advanced…” menu), allowing one hand page turns with thumb on lower
button (portrait modes only).

Improvement (Cybook Gen3 Gold Edition)
 Lower power consumption in suspend modes.
 Faster pagination mode.

USB activity (400MHz Cybooks only)
LED now blinks during USB transfers.

Bug fix (Cybook Opus)
Under some circumstances, accelerometer would stay in suspend mode and would not unlock until
deactivated and reactivated.

Localization fixes

Corrections in Finnish & Spanish user interface.

 To install this firmware update, a storage card is needed (SD for Cybook Gen3, microSD for Cybook Opus).
 From your computer, format the storage card in FAT32.
 You do not need to save your personal files. This firmware update will keep your Cybook internal memory

How to Download
 On your computer, go to and to section “Support”, “Download”.
 Login, select and download the firmware update file.
 Extract the content of the downloaded zip file.
 You should get a single file “update_kernel”: this is the firmware update utility.
 Copy the file “update_kernel” to the root of the storage card.

How to Install
 Make sure your Cybook is fully charged.
 Switch off your device.
 Insert the storage card into your Cybook.
 Switch on your device.
 When the boot image is visible (Cybook & Bookeen logotypes), press the center key of the navigation pad
and keep it pressed for a few seconds until the screen flashes.
 When the screen flashes, you can release the key: the update process has started.
 The update completes in a couple of minutes.
 Once updated, Cybook will switch off with “Upgrade successful” message (400MHz versions) or will
automatically restart (200MHz versions).
 Delete the file “update_kernel” from the storage card and from your computer. This file will not be useful