Hanlin V3 firmware update

Jinke Electronics (fabrikant van de Hanlin V3) post regelmatig firmware updates voor de Hanlin V3 op haar website:


Bij de laatste update (11 april 2008) zijn de volgende functionaliteiten verbeterd/toegevoegd:

1. Add the function of replacing the font library
2. Improve DOC format function
3. Improve PNG parser
4. Modify HTML Parser, adding support rate(more than 90%) for Escape Character, modify the width of format and the problem of the one level zoom in.
5. Improve BS internal order
6.Add French and Slovenia language menu
7.Improve the functions of rar and zip

How to change font Library:

First you should create a directory “fonts” on SD card root diectory. Copy your font library(*.ttf) to this directory
(“SD://fonts”).And insert SD card to V3.

1.Enter bookshelf.
2.Press “OK button” and pop-up menu will be shown.
3.Select the “Settings” option,then enter the system settings interface.
4.Press “Number3 button”, enter to font replacement interface.
5.according to figures corresponding button to select font. (Make sure the fonts library is suitable)
6.If you do not like your own font library, you can restore system default font library by the same way.