Het begin van het einde van iBooks ?

Gevonden op [b]TeleRead.com[/b] , een uitgebreid artikel n.a.v. Apple’s nieuwe(?) opstelling t.o.v. de Apple App Store : [url=http://www.teleread.com/paul-biba/5-reasons-apples-touch-app-store-approach-is-the-beginning-of-the-end-for-ibooks/]5 reasons Apple’s touch App Store approach is the beginning of the end for iBooks[/url] .

[quote]After several posts, updates, claims and counterclaims, tech blogs *Mashable*, Engadget, TechCrunch and others are starting to agree on the nub of the issue.[/quote]
[quote]With Apple’s iBooks offering still struggling, and getting smashed by Amazon on catalogue range (even more so if you live outside the US) and probably sales, on one level it would make commercial sense for Apple to start trying to drive ebook purchases through iTunes. Otherwise others profit from the strength of Apple’s ecosystem, without Apple getting a cut.
But when looking at the “big picture” enforcing this is a ridiculously bad idea for the following reasons:


Hey – the nature of Apple’s Apps Store is that they can change their rules or enforcement tactics at any time, so this could all blow over very quickly. It needs to, for their sake, because this bloody-minded approach will only tarnish their brand, and give users, publishers and advertisers more reasons to go elsewhere.[/quote]