iLiad software release 2.12

iRex Technologies informeerde ons op 6 februari 2008 dat er een nieuwe software release 2.12 is vrijgegeven voor de iLiad. Wij adviseren om deze update te installeren. In onderstaand bericht worden de stappen precies beschreven. Mocht u vragen hebben dan kunt u contact opnemen met de support afdeling van iRex Technologies; de contactgegevens staan onderaan.

From: Info iRex Technologies
Sent: woensdag 6 februari 2008 10:59
Subject: A new software release is available for your iLiad!

Dear iLiad User,

Herewith we would like to inform you that a new software release is available to download from the iRex Delivery Service (iDS).

What’s new in the software release 2.12

This software release 2.12 is part of an ongoing process to extend the functionalities of the iLiad and to improve the overall performance to ensure an even better electronic reading experience for our customers. We recommend that all users upgrade to this latest version.

Support Tables in Mobipocket Documents

Converted Mobipocket documents with tables can now rendered correctly. However, there is currently no solution to navigate a table that is wider than the screen.

Support Mobipocket folder on MMC, CF and USB

It is now possible to create a ‘books\Mobipocket folder on MMC, CF, or USB memory. This will work the same as the Mobipocket folder located in the internal memory. Dictionaries will work from any of these locations.

Do not automatically connect to open WiFi Network

A wireless connection preferences option has been added to the settings menu. An automatic connection can now be disabled in the iLiad settings menu. This will stop the device from automatically using any unsecured WiFi networks to connect to iDS.

Bug Fixes

– CDMA dialup profile: The CDMA dialup profile can now support an empty username and/or password.
– Disallow USB connection when not in Content Lister: To prevent problems with sporadic disk corruption, the USB connection now only works when the system is in the Content Lister view.
– MMC contents not visible after USB connection
– Several small stability improvements

Download and Installation instructions for software release 2.12

In order to benefit from this release and any future software releases you will need to create a user account to connect to iDS. If you have an account you can skip this step and proceed to “How to Download and install the latest release”.

How to create an account

Go to and fill in your e-mail address.
You will receive an automatic e-mail with a password in your e-mail inbox.
Configure the iLiad Settings on your iLiad and insert your e-mail address and the password you received.
You are now ready to connect to iDS.

(Note: Make sure that your iLiad is fully charged or connected to the power plug before starting the download).

How to download and install the latest release

· Connect to the iDS by pressing the connect key of your iLiad for 2 seconds.
· You will be presented with the iLiad network profiles screen. Select to connect to iDS (using your stylus).
· After connecting to the server you will get a message: Downloading Software Upgrade v2.12 and the progress of the download.
· When the download is complete the iLiad will install the update and restart itself.
· After the iLiad has restarted you can continue to work with your iLiad.

Caution: Please make sure the iLiad is NOT reset while the new software is being installed. If the installation is interrupted at this stage, the iLiad may be programmed with incomplete software, rendering it unusable.

Technical Support

If you experience problems with the installation please contact our Tech Support centre.

Netherlands: 0800 235 47 39
International: +49 (0)52 41 999 723