Is ‘product placement’ de toekomst voor eboeken ?

Op TechCrunch, het artikel [url=]Forget Ads In Books, Lit-Lovers Face An Even More Hideous Prospect[/url] (via: [url=]Will product placement ‘Demolish’ e-books?[/url]) van Paul Carr.

Daarin beredeneert hij dat het plaatsen van advertenties in (e)boeken [i]niet zinvol[/i] is :
[quote]Putting an ad in the middle of a book is a great way to kill a reader’s enjoyment of the product, and ensure they won’t buy another one.[/quote]
Wat volgens hem wel toekomst heeft is [b]product placement[/b] :
[quote](…) bribing filmmakers to ensure that their heroes and heroines are seen drinking a particular brand of beer or getting married wearing a particular designer’s dress. It’s the perfect crime: barely noticed when executed well, highly profitable and with the alibi of “adding realism” to modern characters.

And for precisely those same reasons, it’s product placement – not straightforward, accountable, cordoned off display advertising – that I can see looming like a shadow on the publishing industry’s future x-rays.[/quote]

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