Kindle 3 – PDF ondersteuning

Voor wie de K3 (vooral) wil gaan gebruiken voor het lezen van PDF-files, een interessant artikel (met veel foto’s, en 1 reeds bekende video) op : [url=]Kindle 3 PDF Photos, Video[/url] .

Het volgende wordt besproken:

[b]Kindle 3 PDF – New PDF Features in Kindle 3[/b]
[b]Kindle 3 PDF – Existing PDF Support in Kindle 2 and Kindle DX 2[/b]
[b]Kindle 3 PDF – Things to Know[/b]
– Here are things that the Kindle 3 handles well
– Here are things that the Kindle 3 can’t handle or can’t handle well

[b]Kindle 3 PDF Photos[/b]
[b]Kindle 3 PDF – Landscape Mode[/b]
[b]Kindle 3 PDF – Zoom Levels[/b]
[b]Kindle 3 PDF – Academic PDFs[/b]
[b]Kindle 3 PDF – Images[/b]

[b]Kindle 3 PDF Video[/b]

[quote]If you are buying Kindle 3 primarily for reading PDFs do take a look at the [url=]Kindle DX 2 PDF[/url] post. Kindle 3 is much better value for money but the 6″ screen is pretty limiting. The DX 2′s 9.7″ screen is far more suited to reading PDFs though it doesn’t have some of the Kindle 3′s PDF capabilities (all the features listed in the top section, [i]New PDF Features in Kindle 3[/i], are missing from DX 2).[/quote]
Met “PDFs” bedoelt reviewer [i]switch11[/i], groot-formaat (A4) “academic PDFs”.