Kindle 3 reviews

Op [b][/b] een review met veel (close-up) foto’s : [url=]Amazon Kindle review (2010)[/url] .

De meeste bekende punten (positief en negatief) komen aan de orde, en het eindcijfer 8/10 is realistischer dan het [url=]9 out of 10 / Nearly flawless[/url] oordeel van WIRED.

Het eindoordeel over de K3 is positief …
[quote]What’s clear, however, is that if you’re looking for a standalone e-reader (i.e., a portable replacement for physical books), this is the go-to, standard-setting device.[/quote]
… maar met toch een kritische opmerking
[quote]At the end of the day, there are two paths a consumer can go down when buying a new reading device: the standalone reader or the do-it-all unit which also reads books. In the standalone category, the Kindle is probably the one to beat, and its support for the platform with apps for many devices are certainly helping it to flourish. We are still, however, not at all assured that the standalone path is the one most consumers will ultimately traverse.[/quote]