Kindle 3: sporadisch ‘crashing/freezing’ probleem

Het lijkt er op dat een klein aantal K3’s soms vastloopt.

Op [b][/b] : [url=]Tuesday Morning 2 kindle free books, Kindle 3 crashes + freezing[/url] .

[quote]Not quite sure how to describe it but there’s a freezing/crashing problem with the Kindle 3. It’s not common enough or frequent enough (if your Kindle 3 has it) to be a deal breaker but it’s noticeable enough to be a bother.[/quote]

En een uitgebreide thread op de [b]Kindle Community[/b] van : [url=]K3 Crashers/Rebooters – What are we doing in common to explain it?[/url]

Maar er schijnt al een firmware-update beschikbaar te zijn:

[quote]K. Scarpelli says: on Sept. 2, 2010 4:46 PM PDT
Good news people. I just received a call from tech support about a half hour ago and they pushed the new firmware to my Kindle. I’m running 3.0.1 (525120101). They’ve asked me to keep my wireless on for a while so that they can ping my device. I am really impressed with CS.[/quote]