Kindle Single vanuit schrijversperspektief

Een al wat ouder (26 januari), maar toch nog interessant artikel op [b]ZDNet[/b] over het publiceren van een [i]Kindle Single[/i] : [url=]Review: My Amazon Kindle Single publishing experiment[/url] .

[quote]With the Kindle Single store, Amazon is calling on authors, domain experts and other folks to contribute. Meanwhile, Kindle singles are priced from 99 cents to $4.99, a range that encourages purchases.[/quote]
Met als konklusie :
[quote]If there’s some revenue that goes along with the e-book that’s fine, but the broader picture is that The Business of Media provided a nice introduction to micropublishing and micropayments. I think there’s a future—and potentially a living—here. (…)[/quote]