Nooit te oud : het debuut van de 86-jarige Fern Crume

Gevonden via dit [b]A Kindle World blog[/b] artikel : [url=](…) Also, an article about a first novel at age 86[/url] , een artikel over de Amerikaanse schrijfster Fern Crume , die haar eerste boek schrijft op 86(!)-jarige leeftijd : [url=]Midlander publishes first novel at age 86[/url] .

[quote]Published in October, “Love is Never Late” is the 86-year-old Midlander’s first novel.

She began to jot down ideas for the book in 2007 while caring for her late husband.

“I was so bored with trying to find something to read that’s uplifting, and the ones I found I thought, ‘I could do better than this,'” she said. “I think it turned out pretty good.”

After the death of her husband, an accident left Crume with a broken ear drum. She moved into the home of her son and his wife and, while adjusting to the new environment, wrote the manuscript in only three weeks.[/quote]
[quote]At 124 pages, the novel is short, something Crume said she did on purpose.

“I wanted to find something to read (while caring for her husband) that was about a two-hour read,” she said.

“There’s no violence in it, no profanity,” she said.[/quote]
[quote]Crume hopes to continue writing. She said she has ideas for at least two or three more books, including an account of multiple generations of her family.[/quote]