Volunteers needed `’Reseach project about Ereaders`’

Dear reader,

for our research project we need four volunteers. The main purpose of this research is to investigate the usage of ereaders.

For this project, we defined three sub-questions; where, how and why do you use your ereader. These three sub-questions would derive us to an overview of the purpose and benefits of using an ereader.

We will take care of your privacy, and keep the information confidential.

The case:
– Per volunteer, make 5 upto 10 pictures of yourself while using your ereader and send them to 5980860@student.uva.nl.

For this research we are using the photo-elicitation method. Pictures provides us a better impression of the experience and will be used in the in-depth interviews.

After this task, we would send you an in depth interview which exist out of 10 questions. Thank you for your contribution in advance!

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Master: Business studies
Course: International Marketing