Zijn bedrijven klaar voor e-readers?

Ik zag een interessant artikel op Computerworld.com, ‘Are enterprises ready for e-readers?’ met de subtitel: ‘E-readers offer cheaper documents, faster updates — so where are they?’

Een aantal bedrijven voert met succes pilots uit als het om elektronisch lezen gaat. “Those few enterprises that have tried e-readers express enthusiasm. After all, e-readers can lower costs and provide previously unthinkable benefits such as putting easily updatable shelves of technical manuals in the hands of field workers.”

Maar nadelen zijn er ook: “One key roadblock to adoption is that e-book vendors are focusing on consumers, not on business. As a result, many books on the New York Times bestseller list are, or soon will be, available as e-books, but that isn’t the case for thrillers such as The Field Manual For Satellite Dish Realignment. One reason for that is the widespread use of other types of devices. For vertical market apps, a tablet PC or good old notebook PC might be better.”

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